Fundraising profile

It was Socrates who said :"I know that I know nothing" and he developed the Socratic Method by asking questions to eliminate assumptions and searches for commonly held belief. The questions below can help you determine the strength and power of your organisation and identify where improvements can be made:

  • Is the community profile of your charitable organisation positive and strong enough to attract donations?


  • Are your projects and programmes attractive and compelling enough to captivate donors and differentiate you in a saturated charitable marketplace?


  • What is your potential to attract individual donors, grant-makers and companies to support your organisation: and what's the best way of approaching these different types of leadership prospects?


  • Can you define the Need, your Solution, your uniqueness as an organisation and a powerful Call to Action (=Case for Support)

What are the costs?

Please get in touch for a informal conversation about you and your organisation. If and when needed, a quote for the work can be provided free of charge or obligation. 

College of Change /Jolan will do her utmost to carefully and independently carry out the assignments. Once employed by your organisation, she will loyally represent your NGO, its staff and its cause to others. Ungoing and regular reporting will be part of her job. 

The employing organisation will need to do everything to make sure that Jolan can do her job; timely providing her with all details and information to perform her assignment.


Economical factors

  • What economic, or other external factors, could have an impact on your fundraising strategic plans?


  • What is the best timing for your fundraising effort?


  • Are you willing and able to send your Major Donors a financial overview?


  • Who is your primairy target audience and what is 'good timing' for them?


  • Are there political elements that need to be taken into account when planning your Fundraising?


  • Do you have a Fundraising budget that allows for failure?


  • Is there a 'Thank-you' budget for volunteers?


  • Are your Fundraisers in close contact with the finance department?


  • Is the amount you are looking for realistic in light of the responses to the above factors and questions?


  • Is your governing body and other organisation leaders close to you, behind the project?


  • Do you have access to volunteer champions with wealth and influence to take leadership, networking roles?


  • Do you have the in-house fundraising staff with the time and experience to plan and deliver a major fundraising initiative?


  • Is your staff sufficiently aware of new developments and all other fundraising techniques to be able to sustain growth?


  • Are the benificiaries represented in your board? remember the slogan from the HIV/AIDS movement; 'Nothing about us, without us'


  • do you have a training budget so the outcomes of a skills and needs assesment can be addresses?