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    When grass roots grantees are dependent on an annual -International- grant and are growing from strenght to strength, you might want to offer a Fundraising training to them so they can become less vulnerable. You'll be suprised how generous the local middle class can be! Moreover, local Fundraising has more credibility in its own community, it grows a local constituency and gives pride and ownership to the project and people. 

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We train a group in becoming a fundraising trainer or consultant. In the training, participants will learn additional skills for group dynamics, workshop design, presentation skills and consultancy. So, are you a local fundraiser who is ready to share your knowledge and experience? Are you a NGO or a grant-giving foundation staff member who wants to train partners in the region or build the capacity of your grantees? Or perhaps you want to start a consultancy agency? Then the train-the-trainer (ToT) workshop is the right choice for you.

We train a group in becoming a fundraising trainer or consultant. You will learn additional skills for group dynamics and consultancy.

Workshop Outline: 

Module 1: Needs assessment methodologies,

Module 2: Case for Support

Module 2: Training development and design.

Module 3: Direct Marketing

Module 4: Group dynamics, interactive assignments

Module 5: Trusts and foundations

Module 6: Presentation skills and pitching with Major Donors

Module 7: Organisational audit and fundraising strategy

Module 8: Feedback, interactive games and working with groups to create a strategy


Whether you are looking to strengthen your own skills in resource mobilisation or you would like your partner organisations in emerging economies to start fundraising themselves, a training in Capacity Building will always start with an in-depth assessment. Because only if an organisation has strong key elements, the fundraising can be successful.

This includes a healthy financial history, a passionate director or senior manager, and a fundraiser who knows how to use the right fundraising technique in the right situation with the right donor.