Fundraising Basics for local partners

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    Fundraising Basics for local partners

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    Whether you need to strengthen your local partner so they have more control of their fundraising, or simply diversify their income, this training will help them improve the organisation’s long-term financial sustainability. This course combines the trainer’s global expertise with participants’ knowledge and experience in a way that helps each individual to understand how to create the conditions for successful fundraising. 

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    Jolan van Herwaarden
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    Hotel Pathumwan Pricess, , Bangkok, Thailand
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 Participants learn and discuss the core principles of resource mobilisation, specific fundraising techniques and how to diversify an organisation’s income. It is designed for fundraisers (including those new to it), senior managers, and project managers, who want to develop strategic income.

Through a mix of practical case studies, theory and participatory activities you learn how to:

  • build a case for support and present to potential donors
  • apply a variety of fundraising techniques
  • target both private and public money
  • do a fundraising audit
  • write a fundraising strategy

Subject to change to reflect participants' needs.

  • Day 1
    Core principles of fundraising
      • build a case for support and present it to potential donors
      • understand the magic of direct marketing; online and off-line
  • Day 2
    Find the right donors
      • research potential donors, creating longlists and shortlists
      • acquire new donors
      • build long lasting relationships

  • Day 3
    Fundraising techniques
    • work with major donors; public and private sector
    • write successful fundraising applications to trusts and foundations
    • learn more about multi- and bilateral funders
    • what makes a strong appeal
  • Day 4
    Fundraising strategy
    • recognise your own organisation’s strengths
    • conduct a fundraising audit
    • write a strategic fundraising plan including practical work planning
  • Day 5
    Nurturing the donor relationship
    • master the communication with your donors, on- and off line
    • the tricks for exceeding donor expectations
    • learn from successes and failures.