Training & workshops

Auditor for your external partner organisation

As an outsider, many things we take for granted are not so obvious. As an auditor I go to your partner organization and through interviews, questionnaires, and visits I look at the performance of your partner.

do they do what they promise?
is the financial administration correct?
are the employees qualified and motivated?
are volunteers and donors thanked?

Is the workforce inclusive and divers?
are the communications attractive and informative?
Is the role of the board clear and effective?


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Fundraising Basics for local partners

Whether you need to strengthen your local partner so they have more control of their fundraising, or simply diversify their income, this training will help them improve the organisation’s long-term financial sustainability. This course combines the trainer’s global expertise with participants’ knowledge and experience in a way that helps each individual to understand how to create the conditions for successful fundraising. 

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Strategic Planning and Fundraising Skills workshop

Whether you need to strengthen and have more control of your fundraising programmes, or simply diversify your income, this training will help you to improve your organisation's long term financial sustainability. It combines the facilitators' global expertise with participants' knowledge and experience in a way that helps each individual to understand how to create the conditions for successful fundraising. It is designed for fundraisers (including those new to it), senior managers, and project managers, who want to develop strategic income.

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Train-the-trainer workshops

When grass roots grantees are dependent on an annual -International- grant and are growing from strenght to strength, you might want to offer a Fundraising training to them so they can become less vulnerable. You'll be suprised how generous the local middle class can be! Moreover, local Fundraising has more credibility in its own community, it grows a local constituency and gives pride and ownership to the project and people. 

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Workshop All Basic Fundraising

Would you like your board to know more about the art and science of Fundraising? Is your International partner organisation ready to grow into a self-funding local NGO? Do you feel responsible for the sustainability of your partner organisations in emerging economies? Is your organisation ready to tap into local sources? This course in Resource Mobilisation will help you(r partner organisation) to be equipped and fit for the future.

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Facilitation / Mediation

A good facilitator, in my view, is not only responsible for securing active participation from all the individuals in the room, but also for guiding those individuals with different cultures, languages, personalities and work styles to a common outcome. As your facilitator, I will plan & desgin, guide and manage your group to ensure the objectives are met at the end of the session.

Let me guide you through this process and come out with a smile!

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More and more leaders need to change from inspirational managment to effective leadership and teams are changing into a 'self-directive' group of workers. What do all these changes means for people with 'leadership' in their job description? What does it mean for you personallly, proffesionally and for your unique style of 'leadership'? In this workshop we will look at new and a more fitting understanding of 'leadership' and how it can work for you in your job and career.

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You can learn how to create moment of sheer joy, a real feeling of happiness every day. yes, indeed you can learn it. Mindfulness is the energy that helps us recognize the conditions of happiness that are already present in our lives. You don’t have to wait ten years to experience this happiness. It is present in every moment of your daily life. There are those of us who are alive but don’t know it. But when you breathe in, and you are aware of your in-breath, you touch the miracle of being alive. That is why mindfulness is a source of happiness and joy.

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Major Donor Management

Wealthy individuals deserve more attention and skills from a fundraisers. In this workshop we'll discuss Major donor research, stewardship and relationship management. You'll also learn more about privacy in admin and personal skills to manage the realtionships. Of course there is time and space for the donor motivation and engagement of senior management.

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Motivation in your profession; who am i at work?

Tijdens deze dag ga je een biografische reis maken door je werk historie, je laat je licht schijnen op de verschillende aspecten van jezelf en de talenten die je hebt. Maar ook de verschillende leermomenten die je had. En het ontdekken van de overdraagbare vaardigheden uit de ene baan naar de andere. Het is een creatieve ontdekkingstocht om jezelf op een nieuwe manier te leren kennen. Daardoor wordt het uitstippelen van je carriere een stuk gemakkelijker. Plus je krijgt veel meer plezier in je huidige baan omdat je weet waar je kracht ligt en welke vergeten talenten je kan inzetten. In deze dag ontdek je het specifieke wat jij meebrengt in je werk waardoor je waardevol ben voor je organisatie én jij voldaan naar huis kan fietsen.

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coming home

There is a saying that we are 'in our head too much' and we actually mean that we don't feel how a decision or reaction feels. In this workshop we look at a few workable and applicable techniques to coming home in your body: a wonderful kind of "Jippie, I have a body!" We use Yoga and Mindfulness but you don't have to wear special clothing.
After years of working in the charity world at management level, I have become more and more interested in personal growth to make a better world from there. So I became a yoga and Mindfulness teacher. I think it's fantastic to share my experience and knowledge with a group of passionate delegates.

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Liefdewerk, oud papier

Veel non profit organisaties werken met vrijwilligers, en die kunnen de meest uiteenlopende functie innemen; bestuurslid, administratie, gastheer, fondsenwerver, evenementen organiseren en meer. Het vergt een goede voorbereiding en afhandeling om hen een juiste en goede plek te geven en het beste uit deze vrijwilligers te halen want ja, betalen kunnen we ze niet. Toch maken deze mensen juist het verschil tussen commerciele bedrijven en onze not-for-profits.

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Weekend Effectiveness as Fundraiser

During the 2 days of this training, we will both learn and share survival techniques so your success, fun and focus will come easy.

In two days you will gain a basic understanding of the theory of neuroscience and the benefits of mindfulness, discuss leadership and exploring being your own leader and improve creativity and your ability to manage every day stressfull situations.

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Recruitment Consultancies

Recruitment agencies can provide an excellent general – and generic – service. But few have consultants who are experienced as fundraising practitioners and who can differentiate between the claimed performance and experience of candidates. That’s where we come in.

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