Generic Fundraising training Institut Francais

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    Generic Fundraising training Institut Francais

  • When?

    16 juni 2023

  • Where?

    French Embassy in The Hague

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Project description

Content of the two trainings: The first fund is dedicated to scientific and academic cooperation with the prestigious Delft University of Technology and the second fund is more focused on cultural cooperation, the modalities of which are currently being defined.

The diversification of resources will make it possible to finance an ambitious programme working for Franco-Dutch cooperation throughout the country, thanks to the support of patrons. 

The IFNL staff have never been trained or confronted with the search for external private funding. This training will provide the regulatory basis and the keys to successful fundraising. It aims to acquire new skills and professionalise the staff of IFNL and the four most significant Dutch FAs in the area of institutional development.