Recent projects

Generic Fundraising training Institut Francais

The Institut Francais training project is fully in line with the quality reference framework of the EAF/AF in its dimension of development of the "Prospecting, communicating, selling" process.

The IF NL's ambition is to diversify its sources of financing by launching the implementation of new fundraising strategies and initiating the creation of two funds.

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Case for Support 2023

If you want to supercharge your non-profit’s fundraising, you need a strong and clear Case for Support.  Your case for support (sometimes called your “case statement”) is one of the most important documents for your Fundraising program. It’s an emotionally-compelling document that casts a vision for your organization and tells donors why they should invest in your work. In this workshop we look at the core message of your NGO, and how to articulate the proposition of your organisation.  What is your elevator speech when you meet new and potential donors? Workshops for the students of the 3F Academy 2023

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Regional Sustainability Academy Build Up! 2022

The Regional Sustainability Academy Build Up! is 3 day, three-hour a day online conference. Almost 100 participants from five countries; Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Kosovo joined us from 47 organizations.

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Strategic Planning and Fundraising Skills workshop in Moldova 2020

As part of the USAID funded programme 'Supporting Entrepreneurship Education in Europe and Eurasia (SEEEE)' February 2017 – January 2020, we conducted a workshop on Strategic Planning and Fundraising for members of JA Worldwide, JA Europe, JA Georgia, JA Macedonia, JA Moldova, JA Serbia, JA Albania, JA Bulgaria and JA Romania on 8-11 April in Chisinau, Moldova.


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IFC Session leaders at IFC

Every year, fundraisers and changemakers from across the world come together at the International Fundraising Congress IFC to share, inspire and cross-fertilise thinking and ideas from unlikely places.

Delivered through a richly curated programme, the IFC is a hub for unparalleled learningnetworking and opportunities featuring amazing speakers,global delegates and a million new ideas.

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As a lead associate for the Resource Alliance in I have worked with a handful of NGO's to build a more just, equitable, and thriving future for social impact organisations, their staff and their leaders. This capacity-building programme aims to help organisations to devise and implement a fundraising strategy that enables them to diversify their income sources and improve the prospect of long term financial sustainability. The delivery process is designed to help the organisations improve their resource mobilisation skills and strategic thinking and also enable them to critically assess other areas of organisational functioning, including governance, leadership and management

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Jippee I have a body

There is a saying that we are 'in our head too much' and we actually mean that we don't feel how a decision or reaction feels. In this workshop we look at a few workable and applicable techniques to better be at home in your body: a wonderful kind of "Jippie, I have a body!" We use Yoga and Mindfulness but you don't have to wear special clothing. 

After years of working in the charity world at management level, I have become more and more interested in personal growth to make a better world from there. So I became a yoga and Mindfulness teacher. I think it's fantastic to share my experience and knowledge with a group of women.

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Major Donor Support

Finding, connecting with- and Fundraising from wealthy individuals is one of the most amazing forms of Fundraising. Supporting these individuals, family, and / or couples to realise their philanthropic ambitions gives both the charity and the individuals in question an excellent opportunity to make the world a little better. Recruiting Great Gifts is largely based on gut-feeling, and in practice, expectations and results do not always match. Building such relationships is always tailor-made, but still, it comes down to a good plan, thorough research, clear communication between the organization and the wealthy individuals and, finally, to ask for a contribution for the right project at the right time, requested by the right person. In the Major Donor Support module I am keen to share my knowledge, insights and experience with you. This can be done in different ways, depending on need/wishes and the phase of MD Fundraising the organization is in.

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Bridging the Gaps

Health and Human Rights for Key Populations, is a 4.5 year programme to provide access to HIV prevention and care for key populations (LGBT, sex workers and people who use drugs) combined with human rights improvements.

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