Regional Sustainability Academy Build Up! 2022

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    Regional Sustainability Academy Build Up! 2022

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    From the needs assessment we learned that most potential participants were keen on learning practically about online fundraising. COVID 19 had changed their world irreversibly and there was a strong need for new techniques to secure new income. Most of them had organized events and were good at proposal writing, some at crowdfunding and some had a separate income from selling home made products. Almost every organization has fewer than 5 employees. The language showed to be a challenge; not everyone was confident to listen and talk in English. We organised interpreters for this during the online conference.

    We prepared workshops for three hours a day. The balance between learning and doing needed to be good and different speakers and topics all have to be given a place. In addition, we were all too aware that looking at a screen for three hours was a tall order. So we wanted an interactive online conference with some moments of rest and stretching. Jolan van Herwaarden from the College of Change is not only a experienced trainer and capacity builder but also happen to be a yoga teacher. COC designed a programme with 5 minutes-rests, interactive work and discussion and some yoga.





    Introduction of topics and people, getting a feel for who’s around. Main message is ‘ ‘Networking’



    Jolan, interactive



    Case for Support, elevation pitch, core Mission/vision

    Jolan, supported by powerpoint and video


    Online fundraising

    Bob Osborne of the Osborne Group in New York. He knows the region very well and has worked and stayed in the region. But he also brings examples and ideas from the USA.



    quiz and short evaluation game


    Jolan, interactive

  • When?

    20-21-22 April 2022

  • Where?

    All online

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Project description

The Trag foundation in Serbia leads regional projects focused on the promotion and development of philanthropy. This particular programme is funded by European Commission. In the first half of our project, Trag organized a training for trainers in cooperation Czech Fundraising Center and developed the curriculum and materials for the trainers who later went on to hold fundraising training for the CSOs in their respective countries.


As the project entered the second half of its life cycle, Trag organized in close cooperation with the College of Change, the Regional Sustainability Academy in April 2021. Taking into account how much 2020 with its COVID 19 pandemic has changed the economic situation we are all keen to build up their skills and fundraising knowledge. Many of the CSO’s have little or no experience in online events and online fundraising. The 3-day Academy would be a way for CSOs to brush up their skills, learn something new, hear case stories from across the globe and see if they can implement some of the ideas of their European and American counterparts.