Professionalization of Polish Humanitarian Aid 2018/2019 Warsaw

  • Project:

    Professionalization of Polish Humanitarian Aid 2018/2019 Warsaw

  • What?

    A three-day workshop with the main objective of Public Engagement: developing relations with donors and activating the Polish society.

    The first part (I): Public campaigns and peer to peer

    • Peer to peer: online campaigns and collections through P2P platform.
    • Peer to peer: how to acquire new fundraisers and maintain relations with the already engaged ones.
    • Planning and building an organization’s strategy, including Case for Support and integration of fundraising activities across the organization

    The second part (II): Building relations with long- term individual donors and with the private sector

    • Segmentation of individual donors, donor journey and donor communication
    • Creating a great donor experience, building relationships with regular, middle and major donors.
    • Individual donors: donor motivation and activation to become the organization’s ambassadors.

    Private sector: building relations with business partners; employee engagement.

  • When?

    Wednesday Thursday and Friday 20-21-22 February 2019

  • Where?

    the Dutch Embassy, Kawalerii 10, 00-468 Warszawa, Poland

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Project description

Well, we are fundraising successfully but I feel we can do better. In particular, we want to know more about Public Campaigns, individual fundraising and Peer to Peer events” Karina said on the phone. Karina works at PAH; the Polish Aid for Humanitarian causes. With funding from the Dutch embassy in Warsaw they had selected three other NGO’s and were looking for an international trainer who could deliver. We had met at a Fundraising conference and she was keen to see if I could do it. After a few Skype call and a suggested outline, a needs assessment was sent out to participants to find out more about the level of knowledge and experience. And on 20 February we all met; Four middle-sized to large NGO’s working on the international programme and humanitarian aid came together.