Cultivate your fundraising

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    Cultivate your fundraising

  • What?

    Support strategic change and improvement of semi-advanced Nongovernmental Development Organisations‘ fundraising.

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  • Where?

    Hungary, Poland, Czech republic and Slovakia

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Project description

Training set consisting of

  • a training on 16-18 January 2012 in Budapest, Hungary
  • a training on 5-7 March 2012 in Warsaw, Poland
  • and consulting support (app. 8 hours)

The training set is part of the Strengthening Fundraising Capacities of NGDOs in Central Europe project, which is supported by European Commission and co-financed by SlovakAid, and realised by a consortium of organisations led by PDCS (SK) with partners The Resource Alliance (UK), People in Need (CZ), DemNet (HU), and Partners Poland Foundation (PL).

Objective: Support strategic change and improvement of semi-advanced Nongovernmental Development Organisations‘ fundraising in Hungary, Poland, Czech republic and Slovakia

Target group:

  • Fundraisers and people responsible for fundraising (board members, CEOs etc.) in NGDOs
  • Participants‘ organisations have already had some previous experience with fundraising from other sources than those accessible through project proposals and they must demonstrate serious interest to improve or widen their fundraising from individuals
  • Participants apply as the representatives of an NGDO (not as individuals) – it is important because they will work on improving fundraising of their NGDOs through the course; there has to be prior consent of the organisation’s management
  • Participation of two persons from the organisation (fundraiser and CEO or board member) is welcome

Description: Series of two three-day training for a group of up to 20 participants led by lead trainer Jolan van Herwaarden, together with Jan Kroupa from the Czech republic. Participants will complete the course by submitting a fundraising strategy/plan for improving their organisation’s fundraising from individuals. They will be supported by four national mentors.

Topic Training Budapest: Basis

  • Introduction to Fundraising. Global fundraising generics, donor motivation and regional fundraising
  • Sharing basic terminology and concepts (leveling the basic conceptual knowledge in the group) – FR cycle, donor pyramide, recruitment vs retention and similar
  • Analysis of the participants’ organisationsstatus regarding fundraising from individuals  as a starting point for improvement
  • Overview of current fundraising methods used:
  • Two interviews sessions with inspirational guests: a wealthy donor and a corporate donor

Mentoring in between trainings (2 meetings):

Participants collect and analyse the information regarding their status of fundraising from individuals (their assets and shortcomings). They consider selection of specific fundraising methods they would decide to focus on in their strategy/plan.

Topic Training Warsaw: Conditions and strategy

  • Conditions within organisation for successful fundraising (structural and process set-up)
  • Fundraising strategic thinking. Writing a startegic plan.
  • Participants select a method/specific area they want to focus on
  • The role of the board/volunteers in fundraising (how to involve them, what to expect etc.)
  • Two inspirational guests: grantgiving foundation and a typical local donor